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Monday, July 16, 2018

Exercise in the legs can enhance brain health and relieve stress

Exercise, such as jumping and running, is said to be a way to improve physical health, but now it seems to be able to help more brain health and stress.

Researchers say transmissions from leg muscles are important for mental health. Exercise for legs can enhance brain function. According to the study's lead author Dr Raffaella Adami, his study supports the view that people who can not exercise physical weight, such as bedtime patients or sporadic astronauts, lose their muscle mass, but their nervous system is affected and their body chemicals are exchanged.

Weight-bearing exercises such as slow running, weight lifting and stair climbing help send signals to improve the mental health of the brain. Body weight exercises do so because they force people to resist gravity.

Scientists have used rats to study the importance of foot exercises. Within four weeks, the researchers did not let the mouse use foot. Although it is not possible to use the feet, the rats can still continue their daily activities. After experiments, the researchers studied each cell in the subventricular zone of the brain, where new neurons were produced. Researchers report a link between low activity and the formation of these cells. As a result, when exercise is less, the production of nerve cells decreases by at least 70 percent.

Thus, through this new study, foot exercises were also introduced to strengthen central nervous system function and brain function.

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