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Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to make a good bath

Below we will show you how to bathe without damaging your health. What's going on?

1. You should bathe in order, meaning you first wash your face before cleaning yourself, and then wash your hair. Doing this is the right way to bathe without damaging your health.

2. Whether cold or hot, the water you wash should be between 35 degrees Celsius to 37 ° C, because the water temperature in this space can protect your skin well without harming your health.

3. The length of your bath should not be longer than 15 minutes, as it may affect your health. Especially after exercising, eating well or not eating, you should not bathe because it can make your health unbearable.

4. You should not bathe too much over a day because it can hurt your skin by making the skin feel weak.

When you bathe, you should open the dusting machine to allow the hot air to go out, so that you do not wilt in the bathroom. So you should do the following for your health.

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